Director of Agriculture Inspecting Seed Stocks in AEC Viralimalai Block Pudukkottai District -10-09-2016

Flash News -10/08/2022

  • (Online Billing)  
    Kindly recall the discussion on \\"100 % shifting over to online billing\\" during the plan review meeting held on 27-04-2017.
  • (MSDA Scheme )  
    Based on the representation received from the JDA during th plan review meeting, online billing provision is given for MSDA scheme dovetailing subsidy from various schemes. Please give suitable instruction to all AEC in this regard. For any queries /doubts , please contact support team at headquarters.

The Department of Agriculture , Tamil Nadu has developed a “Comprehensive Input Supply Management System” (CISMS) using hand-held devices that is continuously updated to provide a real-time view of the current stock usage and statistics throughout Tamil Nadu. The main objective of this project is to provide actual input availability information to the farmers from the ensuing cultivations. This knowledge will further be used to gain a deeper understanding of the market and predict the future requirements of fertilizers, seeds etc.


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Comprehensive Input Supply Management System.
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Department of Agriculture, Tamilnadu is a Century old department, addressing the cropping and cropping related needs of the farming community.

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Providing a comprehensive ICT platform for the farmers to access information, disseminate information, as a mechanism to keep them informed on whatever they need, whenever they need and from wherever they need.Shifting focus from crop based to farm based.Identify the reason for gap in yield of individual farms and address them

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